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I fight the good fight every day for student at Leeds Met.

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I am spending the week promoting the Annuanl Student Survey.

Just done my first lecture shout and the room was pretty much dead. Yeah, Monday 9am

Iphone is a good way to start the holiday

Bradford At Night

Bradford At Night

The 5 Best

After A conversation with a good friend on saturday, it got me thinking about what about my five best bands from Bradford or have made there home here.

  • This Et Al
I used to hate them I was giving the mono and SXSW CD that these guys where on, and everytime the track played I would skip it but now a year later I cant get enough of them and got there entire back catalog the other day. They hav got amazing riffs, intros and vocals that makes an outstanding band all round.  Best Track Wardens
  • Wilful Missing
Another band that it took me a while to get it do and I was missing out a lot, there mix of instruments add depth to them, and Sam’s voice is layred with sweetness and warmth that shines through every song no matter what its about. Best Track DIY or Caught Between The Seasons 
  • fourteencorners
A band that I have loved for a few years now ever since they started off with just the two of them, the extra members are such a postive, makes you want to keep listening to there songs over and over. The songs touch on everything that you have felt growing up around here its almost like they are writing the song only about you.  Best Tracks, We Are Pathetic or Small Northen Town
  • Laura Groves
Everyone knows about her, so I wont spend long other than to say, amazing. If I had wrote this before I had seen her on saturday she would have not been in here because I was getting bored of her and everything sounded the same, but after her perfomance I can’t wait till her album comes out. Best Tracks, Coast Or I Am Leaving.
  • The Fineline
They may have been replaced by a Bradford super group but for me those guys ain’t a touch on The Fineline, combing jolly tunes with poignant lyrics and a great stage show, they had it all. So Fineline please come on back. Best Tracks The Wake Or Shooting Tsars.

Can You Speak Europen?

thats the name of my new film we are shooting up at Beckett’s Park next week come up and be an extra its a fun film about drug use and the postives of it.

 my next film will be called New York Nights, Thanks to ben for that title. not a clue what it would be about.

least I have not stole it off a song this time.

Wet To The Bone

I walked home today from the bus stop in the driving rain and its scary when rain comes at you horrizontial.

they are no problems only the opportunity to create solutions Liam Challenger 2008


its my sisters birthday today, so happy birthday to her and for anyone who knows her and forgot you can still get away with saying it to her a bit late.

I gave a speech about music today and what not at an event in Bradford, after the speech a guy came up to me and said I had been too negative about Bradford. I asked him how long had he lived here he said 2 and half months, I replied come back to me in 20 years.

Wilful Missing=ace

Wilful Missing=ace